attorney for work related injuries



We provide services for work-related injuries, wrongful termination and continuous trauma injuries.

We take an individual approach on each case. Each case is different and we give each client particular attention addressing their concerns, needs and situation.

By working closely with our clients as a team, we obtain maximum result for the client. All settlement negotiations are handled by attorneys.

We are available to meet with our clients in person or by phone. If you cannot come to us due to the distance and/or injury involved, we will be happy to send a representative to your home.


I have come to Alex Berlin with worker compensation case. It was not an easy case. I was rejected by few attorneys prior coming to Law office of Mr. Berlin. He and his team did a great job. My work comp. claim went through with no complications. He has been always available for my questions and concerns. He is not only a great Attorney, but very honest and descent human being. This is an extremely rare quality among attorneys. While working on my work comp. case, Mr. Berlin has helped me with my old personal injury case. This case was dropped by my previous Attorney, because he didn' t want to deal with troubles of going to Court. Mr. Berlin have settled my PI case with insurance company through the Court within very short period of time. All my medical bills were paid, repairs of my car were reimbursed. The amount of the settlement by far exceeded all my expectations. Today I have signed all final papers to receive money from my settlement. I was surprised when Mr. Berlin showed me the bill for his representation on my PI case. He was more than reasonable, he was generous. I am forever grateful and will recommend Law office of Mr. Berlin to my friends and relatives.